Electric scooter for children with 2 wheels


Suitable for children ridingage 5+

The perfect tool for children, with exceptional stability.

MAYO is a reliable light-weight scooter suitable for ages 5+,

Comfortable  and easy to use, MAYO 2 LG is the perfect vehicle for your children.

  • From KONING
  • 2-wheel electric scooter recommended up to age 13 or 55 kg (LG lithium battery)
  • Speed ​​up to 8 km / h, for sidewalks only
  • One year warranty
  • Adjustable handlebars for different heights
  • Weight: 4 kg
  • Rear foot brake
  • 24V LG 2.6Ah Lithium Battery (Competitors offer 2.2 Chinese Battery Only)
  • Range up to 8 km (with a rider weighing 25 kg)
  • Folds in a second

Like the big guys!

The smallest, lightest and most reliable scooter in Israel!

  • 80% charge in an hour
  • Full charge in two and a half hours
  • Anti-slippage full tires
  • Zero punctures
  • The smallest, lightest, and most reliable scooter in Israel
  • Wheel size: Rear-wheel 5’’ Front-wheel 145 mm
  • Brushless motor (we don’t reccomend chain motors)


The electric scooter revolution began in Israel in 2016, and slowly the local and national governments began to enact laws that restricted the use of vehicles that can ride faster 12 km / h or way over 12 kg for children up to age 16. Over the age of 16 children are permitted to use vehicles that can reach 25 km / h.


We at Kooning have always been looking for the most reliable solution to provide our customers with.

MAYO is a reliable scooter in the light-weight category, suitable for riding from the age of 5, very comfortable for the user and easy for children to ride. Limited to 8 km / h.




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